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Why Should You Get Your Tires Rotated?

Tire rotation is a very important car maintenance that few people understand. As you drive your tires will wear down. The problem is that they wear down differently depending on where they are on the car. The front tires will wear down on the edges because of what happened when you turn the car. The back tiers don't turn so they tend to wear down more evenly. When tires are rotated the tires from the back go to the front, and vice versa. This means that over time all of the tires will experience the same wear in the…
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When It Is Time To Replace The Battery

Different parts of an automobile don't last forever. Like other parts of the automobile the battery has a shelf life. Batteries help start the car and keep the alternator from straining. After the cars starts, the alternator takes over to keep the battery charged to 12 volts. The shelf life of car batteries ranges from 5 to 7 years.

When a battery approaches the 6 to 7 year mark, you will notice the car turning over a little slower than normal. The battery is weakening. You can keep a battery going a little longer with some maintenance. If the…
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3 Essential Items for Your Roadside Assistance Kit

A roadside assistance kit should be kept in any vehicle that you or other members of your family drive. You never know when you may break down and need this kit to save your life. Make sure you have these three items to start.


It is a great idea to keep at least a gallon of water in your vehicle at all times. If you find yourself stranded, it is essential that you drink at least two liters each day. You may need additional water for the vehicle’s radiator.


If you are like most people, then you…
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Snow-Bound Safety Tips

Traveling in the winter months can be extremely dangerous and very frustrating! The driver needs to be aware while driving in adverse weather safety precautions and to be cautious at all given times.

Whether it is short or long distance travel definitely have your vehicle inspected. Always keep at least a half of tank of gasoline, nothing less.

If for that unforeseen reason you become snow-bound, by all means stay in your vehicle. It will become a temporary shelter until the storm passes and you can get towed out. Keep food, snacks and water at reach in case of an…
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The Safety and Comfort of the Ford Escape

The new 2017 Ford Escape has all of the safety and comfort features you could ever want in a vehicle. Some of the top comfort features include cloth front bucket seats, a 6-way manual driver customizable seat, as well as a center floor console with arm rest. Some of the other top comfort features include two front grab handles as well as two rear grab handles, a driver's side footrest as well as carpeted floor mats in the 1st and 2nd row. Some of the top safety features include halogen reflector headlamps, a safety canopy system, and Rear View…

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Experience the Comfort and Agility of the All-New Ford Focus

The all new 2017 Ford Focus is readily available for consumers to check out and purchase. With the Ford Focus, consumers will be able to enjoy a number of features that make it among the top cars to drive. This car comes with excellent abilities to control traction in a variety of road conditions. Consumers can choose to purchase the vehicle in either manual or automatic transmission depending on your preference...

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